Kitchen Sink Pocket Orchestra is a fresh and exciting mixed string and wind ensemble designed to introduce orchestral instruments in engaging and non-traditional settings, while having a lot of fun!

Not everything they play is classical.
But everything has class.

The four musicians who make up the Kitchen Sink Pocket Orchestra have played together for over a decade as Okanagan Symphony Orchestra members. When the global pandemic shut down concert halls, these professional performers knew they needed to find a new way to bring live music to the community. They got to work sourcing and arranging music for their unconventional instrumentation (violin, oboe/English horn, bassoon, and double bass) and performed at wineries, cideries, house concerts and other outdoor venues throughout the Okanagan Valley and Columbia Shuswap in 2021 and 2022.

While educated and firmly rooted in the classical tradition, everyone in the group has their own personal musical influences and as a result, the KSPO’s repertoire reflects each of their personalities in different ways. Their diverse repertoire appeals to audiences of all ages and includes arrangements of much-loved orchestral works by Bach, Ravel and Dvorak, mashups of traditional folk and fiddle favourites alongside recognizable tunes from more contemporary artists including Beyonce, Simon and Garfunkel, and Metallica. There truly is something for everyone on this program – including everything and the Kitchen Sink!

Pocket Orchestra?
What’s that?

The equivalent term in classical music circles would be “chamber ensemble.” However, the quartet members know that “chamber music” has a somewhat stuffy connotation to the general public, and they are anything but stuffy! With this combination of instruments you get all the sounds of a symphony orchestra in a pocket-sized ensemble . . . and ‘pocket orchestra’ was born!

Susan Aylard

Susan Aylard



Susan Aylard is an equally accomplished classical violinist and fiddler, currently performing with the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra, Cod Gone Wild, Rocky Mountain High Band and the Kitchen Sink Pocket Orchestra. Sue has travelled the world performing in Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Mexico, Ireland, the USA and Canada. She has twice competed at Canada’s National Music Competition as a member of the Sabeon Trio, and has received the prestigious Okanagan Arts Award for Music.

Sue and her talented daughter started a company, SaS Art, which features wearable silk painted art pieces. The KSPO members are proud to wear beautiful items by SaS Art.

Lauris Davis

Lauris Davis



Lauris Davis started on trumpet in high school and dreamed of being the next Miles or Wynton, but after graduating and getting braces, the dream faded along with her embouchure. Not yet knowing the life-long drama of reed making, Lauris decided to play the oboe.

Together Lauris and her oboe got through UBC and the Vancouver Academy of Music and started freelancing throughout BC. In 2011, they won the Principal Oboe position with the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra. It was there that they met the lovely and talented musicians of the fun and fabulous Kitchen Sink Pocket Orchestra!

When avoiding practicing and making reeds, Lauris can be found playing with clay or wandering aimlessly on the beach communing with nature!

Karmen Doucette

Karmen Doucette



Karmen Doucette found the bassoon at age 14 – though it would be more accurate to say that the bassoon found her. Always a musical child, having grown up studying piano, Karmen was offered an opportunity to play the bassoon and never looked back.

Karmen spent many years as a professional orchestral and freelance musician in Calgary, Toronto and Texas before joining the Okanagan Symphony in 2010. She moved to the Okanagan in 2012, and enjoys an active musical performance and teaching career.

When not playing bassoon, Karmen spends her time designing websites, drinking coffee or lifting heavy things.

Meaghan Williams

Meaghan Williams

Double Bass


Meaghan Williams originally hails from Newfoundland and studied with renowned performers and teachers in Toronto and Germany before performing professionally in Germany, Japan and from coast-to-coast in Canada.

A believer in diversity and innovation, Meaghan enjoys working with living composers and expanding the repertoire for double bass and has premiered several new concertos in recent years.

Meaghan is also a passionate advocate for Canadian design and craftsmanship, both in her musical instruments and in her fashion sense.

When she’s not kicking ass as a bassist and arts administrator, Meaghan loves spending time outdoors, hiking, skiing and running.

What people are saying

“Incredible musicianship, amazing showmanship and a wide-ranging repertoire made our evening with the Kitchen Sink Pocket Orchestra one that we will long remember.”

“Your foursome — with the varying instruments and musical offerings — was marvellous. Your introductions to pieces were informative, often humorous, and paved the way for utmost enjoyment. I’m sure we ALL would have been happy for another set of pieces — or two!”
“What a fun evening! We had no idea what to expect and were delighted to be tapping our toes along with songs we recognized, done in a whole new way! Can’t wait to see you ladies again!